Friday, December 08, 2006


I visited here, where Janet Kornblum from USA TODAY wrote about MySpace. This web site has become the most popular site for the teens and all the friends in each high school class have it. The first shows for that web site were in 2005 and for the next two years the site became the top gainer for 2005, according to Google's numbers. In addition, Arthur wrote about the huge amount of money that was spent to buy MySpace, which is $580 million by Rupert Murdoch. Then he gives full details about the site and how the teens use it to shows their friends, family, life style and their own pictures Also he talked about the bulletins, messages that they use between themselves. An other thing is that is new is that because of that site, the teens ask their new friends for their MySpace page instead of the cell phone number. They also use it as a way to change their social life or to add a new friends to their life. Finally, MySpace is growing in time and day after day with the teenagers.

In my opinion, this kind of site has two ways, a good and bad way. If you want to be on the good one, then you have to know that the hours that you spend on the internet shouldn't be more then three hours a day. However, if you spend more than that you'll lose your time in nothing. So I agree with the writer about that; it is a huge site, but it is for the person who uses it in the right place and time.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I have visited here, which gives a full accurate account of events of what happened before, after and in-between the death of Princess Diana. In addition, it's a sort of some information about the accident and whether it was possible for it to be a normal accident or someone created it for them. Finally, they put the "key questions surrounding the Princess Diana conspiracy" and nobody can answer for those questions even now.

In my opinion, this web site gives a lot of good in information, some of which I agree with, and most of it confuses me. However, nobody can tell whether it is true that there if there are "anonyms" who did it or not. On the other hand, the greatest philanthropist Princess Diana are passed away and they are not going to change anything from the past. But defiantly she will be on our hearts forever.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I visited here, which was talking about the color and what it means, how it affects the view of your work, what the connection is between the color and your personality, and how it's value all plays a part in your communication strategies. And they show on the site different colors and what each is connected with. For example the bright red is exciting, sexy, and provocative. The light blue is calm and quiet, and it mentions water. Also the pure white is pure, innocent, and glistening. There are also many colors connection with it like the black, silver, gold, bright pink, and green color.That is some of what I saw on this website.

In my opinion there is really a connection between the colors and our life. Also, a long time ago our parents gave us that idea of connecting the girls with pink and the boys with blue. Something else that everyone has his favorite color, or at least a color that he prefers over another, and already each color has a different meaning for the person or for it. Finally in other way it's happening with me every day in the morning when I stand to choose one of my different colored t-shirts color to decide with which color I want to start my days.


I visited this this web site which is a music sharing site. In this site you can listen to and download an unlimited amount of music for $9.95 a month. Also you can share your music. All that you have to do is download the Napster software and install it. Then you can set up your account to subscribe, or purchase tracks or albums individually. The Napster software also helps you build and organize your music collection, whether it's subscription downloads, purchased tracks or music from your CDs. So with Napster you'll not need to buy CDs, all that you have to do is sign in and enjoy it.

In my opinion, this site is good for the music lovers of whom I'm one. That is because it saves my time to go out and look for the CD that I want, but with this web site I can have any song 24 hours a day without going out, and just click on the site to get it. Sometimes I buy the CD which I need just one song on, but on this web site I can have any song with no charge (just the monthly charge) so this way I'm also saving my money. And before I signed in to this site my songs folder was really crowded, but now it's turned to become on organized folder and it's become easier to find the song I need on it. In conclusion, it's worth it to pay $9.95 a month for the options that the site gives.


When I was visiting here, I read about Aliens. In addition, they are telling the readers of it the theory of the Aliens. On it you can find different pictures for different kinds of Aliens. Also they give the percentage of the people who believe and who do not. Something else that you can find on this web site is allot of the movies are that about Aliens. So if you are interested in the Aliens, just click on this site.

In my opinion, I believe that there are other lives in space. But not with the way that they imagine. In other words, there is no fact I can spot on it. But it's good to have special sites to put all the information about the Aliens in. This lets the people who are interested in the space life read about it.